Started in Hamburg this morning, driving east along the Elbe river.  We didn’t see much of the river as the road was quite far from the river.  When we tried to sneek out to see it, there were really no parking.

Lunch in Wittenberge. Had a salad in a jar. It tasted really good.  Talked to a british couple. Very nice.

Drove on to Magdeburg for the night.

Had dinner at an Asian restaurant.  Delicous food, but it was very hot outside. After a while the wind started to increase. 

Walked back to the hotel and further on to an italian ice cream shop.  Had Mango and vanilla. While we were there it started to pour down.   We sat inside eating the ice cream and walked back while it was dripping a bit.  Thunder and lightening accompanied us home.

Relaxed in the lobby, before calling it a day.

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