GA, day 1

Early morning in Atlanta. Woke up several times but at 7am i decided to get up. Have checked the status of my luggage several times during the night. I knew that it was in customs yesterday. This morning it was cleared for delivery. Called them today, and got all the answers I needed to find out the best is to go back to the airport to pick it up ourselves.

Waiting for breakfast, where we will start planning the trip. Cloudy morning today, but the temperature is ok. Will have some rain today, but not too bad.

Breakfast at 9, two eggs, bacon and fruit. Leaving the hotel at 10am.

First on the program is to find my suitcase. Driving to the airport Domestic terminal, looking for it, but we have to go to the international terminal F. Found a shuttle bus that took us there. Looked around in the booth and found it. Finally! Driving bus all the way back to the other terminal.

Next up, was to fill up the T-Mobile SIM card. It turned out that they needed to activate a new prepaid SIM card. This was difficult, or must have been, since it took around an hour.

Lunch at Longhorn steakhouse in Dalton, GA.

Heading toward Chattanooga and the Rock City on lookout mountain. Nice view. Drove on toward Nashville where we will stay for two nights. Checked for a hotel, and found a BestWestern which looked fine. When coming there it turned out everything was booked. Re-checking it turned out that 98% of all rooms in Nashville were booked. Most likely due to several big shows going on in the city.

Found another hotel, which I booked and confirmed before driving over.

Ate at the 622 bar in the hotel. Chicken Quesedilla. Very nice.

Turned in early to have more energy for tomorrow.

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