Vacation approaching

Starting to get ready for vacation now. Only 8 more workdays and I will be heading to the USA. The goal is to visit the South East and Nebraska to finish the 48 states. The trip will last for 24 days, two weeks in the South East and 1 week in the Midwest.

Current estimate is that the trips will be approx 4000 (3000+1000) miles in total. Will be driving a lot…

South East trip
Omaha trip

Pondering about what photo equipment to bring for the two weeks. Will have a rental car, so I can don’t have to carry it at all times. Will try to minimize it anyway as I will have to carry it onboard the planes.

My main lens will be the 28-300mm travel lens, which should fit for most purposes. I will also need my 200-500mm + 1.4 tele converter for shooting animals. Should I bring some wider lenses to cover landscape and city motives. If so, I would need to acquire a new lens. Would 16-35 f/4, 14-24mm f/2.8 or 17-35 be the ones I would bring. After considering it for a long while I decided to get a 16-35mm f/4, as it seems like a good lens for traveling. I can also use my current filters on this lens. It also has VR capabilities.

Checked if my favorite photo store, Stavanger Foto had any used lenses. They actually had 3 14-24mm in store. Looking at the 16-35mm it turned out the lens hood were missing and the sun outside was very bright. Oh, well. Decided to go for the 14-24 mm instead, even if it will add another 200grams to the bag.

Testing 14-24mm at the Tall Ships race in Stavanger

  • Should I bring another prime lens like 50mm f/1.4 or 60mm f/2.8 macro as well?
  • Also need to figure out a nice bag to bring, since the temperature is quite hot. The lowepro urban photo sling 250 has been a favorite for quite a while, as I don’t get sweat on my back. I get the 200-500mm and another lens in it, plus another lens on the camera.
  • I would need a monopod as well to carry around. A tripod is too big, so maybe I will get a Platypod Max. It seems quite stable and don’t take a whole lot of space and weight.
  • My camera will be the trusted Nikon D850.
  • For the photo workflow, I will use Adobe Lightroom on my 13″ laptop and store the images on an external hard drive. Don’t have more than one QXD card, so I should probably get another disk for backups, so I can re-use the memory card. I do not expect to have fast enough internet connections on the hotels to upload them to the cloud. A 4TB USB disk will set me back $100. Will check if I have any disks laying around. Will also bring an iPad for blogging purposes.
  • Also bringing along a Bad Elf GPS to log the entire trip for mapping to the photos, and to see where we actually were going.

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