Day 2

First day with conference. Started out with an American Breakfast in the food court. Half the price of the Grand Buffet.

This hotel is really huge.  Have everything I need to stay in here for weeks.  Have been attending three sessions today. The reservation, waiting list features of the application needs a solid revamp… Not working very efficiently…. I had to wait for 45 minutes to make sure I was able to attend a session. Also the hotels are far apart. A solid 45 minutes walk.  A colleague spent 40 minutes waiting for the shuttle bus and driving over. Quite interesting sessions, but many details to think about.  Have been to the largest meal room ever. Seems that the meal room at the other hotel is even bigger.

Relaxing a bit before the next session.  Nordic session this afternoon.

Dropped the reception and walked over to the food court. Had Chinese food and selected a reasonable size for once.

Relaxing at the hotel room, charging for tomorrow.

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