Going home

Time to pack and leave for home.

Not sure if I should leave this nice weather for the cold. Could get used to this.

Have packed all luggage and I still am way below the 23kg limit. However; there is not much room left.

Next up is breakfast.

There was a waiting line at Lori’s so we walked to Denny’s. American slam omelette, substitute bread for fruit.

Irish Uber driver to the airport. Funny guy. Checkin and security in approx 30 mins not too bad. Relaxing in lounge. Quite small. Got a coke. Leaving 13:55 local time. Expect to land in AMS 9:15. Landing at SVG 13:40.

Boarding was swift. Settling down in the seat.

Crowded this time.

All three seats were full. Tall guy in the middle. So did not sleep very well.

Morning has broken. Relaxing at the KLM lounge in Amsterdam. A few hours before next flight home.

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