Relaxing day

Late breakfast at 9:30. Walked to some of the shopping malls to get some shirts and t-shirts.

First Macy’s, but didn’t find anything. Walked over to Nordstrom, but didn’t want to pay $250 for a shirt. Bought some t-shirts at Old Navy before returning to Macy’s, where I bought a few shirts.

Walked back to the hotel to get rid of all bags. Wanted to get some XQD memory cards, but when checking the local camera shops on the internet. No one had any cards in store. Room was not cleaned so walked down to the lobby for a while.

Returned to the room a bit later. Did some re-cap of the conference to remember and to figure out what to present @ home.

Played with VirtualBox and OL7.4.

This afternoon a lot of jet planes flew around downtown. F-18, F-16, blue angels… Seems to be fleet-day for the next few days, so they exercised. Sure made a lot of noise.

Dinner tonight at a local restaurant. Much better taste than yesterday, which was quite special…

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