Had breakfast at the hotel. Not too great selection.

Moved on to a keynote. Decided to watch it from outside. After an hour a went inside to sit for the last hour.

Tried to get some money from an ATM, but it would not let go of the money. Claimed bad health…

Attended several sessions regarding the PCA and met the same people several times. Turns out we have many of the same challenges. So decided to stay in touch.

Walked over to meet the Norwegian group at the pub. Talked a while with them before I had to move on.

Customer reception at SF MOMA. We waited in outside the museum, before they let us in. They directed us directly to the auditorium where several customers told their success stories. After an hour or so, we walked out to the lobby and got some tapas.

Figured out I should look at the art while I was there, so walked around a bit trying to figure it out. Must have seemed lost, so a nice curator explained a bit and guided me around.

Met up with some Sysco guys and walked over to Morton’s to have a late dinner at nine. Tender short rib.

Today I have been out and about from 8am to 11pm. Long days. So I am a bit tired.

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