Last day in Aarhus, so it is time to visit downtown. Still a bit chilly, due to the wind, hopefully no rain…

Planning to park centrally and walk around.

Considering a visit to:

  • Botanical garden
  • Old city
  • Aarhus Cathedral

Sure I will see something else that will catch my interest. There is a 5 hour free parking, so I’ll start with that.

Breakfast. Check.

Just need to pack up, check out and hit the road.

Drove down to the Old City (Den gamle by) and parked the car. Was a bit early, so I decided to walk to Aarhus Cathedral. Didn’t take too long to walk. Out of nowhere runners turned up in the street. Some sort of competition going on. Really glad I didn’t decide to stay downtown…

Had to do some detours to get to the cathedral. Even more runners appeared when I was leaving the area. Didn’t seem too fun running along the street.

Aarhus gamle by

It has been a few years since I was there. Some new areas has been developed, so it was good I got time for an update. Now, the rain started pouring, so I decided to move on.

Going through Randers to see the start of Limfjorden, Egenes.

After a few minutes, the rain started to pour down… Cats, dogs and horses…. So figured out I needed to get a hotel in Aalborg. Driving over there and checking in.

Weather in Aalborg did has been quite good, while I’ve been here. Trying to go for a walk downtown. My knee got a hit when in Aarhus, so the trip was shortcut a bit. Starting to editing the tour photos, while watching the Denmark-Netherlands, VM soccer final.


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