Lyksborg – Glücksburg

Raining this morning. That was not in my plans, but the forecast assures me it will stop soon.

Drove parts of Margeritruten yesterday. There were not a whole lot of road signs, so it was easy to miss them. You probably need a map and/or a navigator to guide you. Hard to do alone.

Diving a quick trip to Germany today, to look at the castle in Glücksburg. Shopping a bit on my way back.

Didn’t enjoy the traffic on the motorway yesterday, but I probably hit peak hour traffic.

Now breakfast.

Well, it has been raining much of the day. Had to shop some water before leaving for Germany. Drove straight to the castle at Glücksborg. When parking I discovered I had to pay for the parking. The catch was they only accepted euro-coins… Wasn’t prepared for that, but found a grocery store where I bought some sweets. Second try I was able for my parking ticket.

So the castle is quite nice, don’t you think?

The House of Glücksburg is a DanoGermanducal and royal family and a branch of the House of Oldenburg, members of which have at various times reigned in Denmark, Norway, Greece and several northern German states.

Since I already was in Flensburg, I did some shopping before returning to Denmark. Driving on the motorway, made me very tired, so I took an older road the last part up to Aarhus. Staying two nights here before going north. Don’t know where the last night will be yet.

Time to look at the map, to see where I am located. Decided to stay outside the downtown , this time.

Missing the first part of the trip. Keep forgetting to start the tracker app.


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