Old City

Last full day in Jerusalem. The plan is a bit vague as usual, but I plan to walk om the ramparts. Never done that before.

Breakfast at the hotel before I re-pack the photo bag. Might be nice with some zooms instead of the primes. Gives me more flexibility.  Colder today, about 14C, so put on a jacket.

Walking down to Jaffa gate, I add some water, coke and Oreos.  Hmm, the bag feels a bit heavy, wonder if it is smart to walk the ramparts…. One alternative is to walk down to the Dung gate and City of David.  Let’s do that instead.

When I passed Zion gate, I found a bench with a good overview of Mount of Olives, sat down for a while.

Moving on, I walked up to Zion gate and entered into the old city. Walked down to Dung gate and took a break at the Davidsson excavations. Needed some more to drink…

Headed for City of David. Walked up to the lookup point.

Decided to walk over to Gethsemane to take some pictures.

Walked the same route back to Dung gate and walked back to Jaffa gate. Much more people in the city today.

Found a bench outside the municipality, to figure out what to do next.  Need som food, lets try the TripAdvisor #1 restaurant Gourmandises. Ordered the Balett Salad and an orange juice. Creme Brulee and Tea Nana for dessert. Probably the best Creme Brulee I have tasted. I have eaten quite a few of them in France…..

Walked back to the hotel to rest a bit.

Went a meeting @ KKCJ. Very good.

Time to edit photos, blog and figure out what to do the next few days…

15 km walk? Not quite sure about the app…. Somewhere between 10 and 15, I would guess.


Today’s trip

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