Day off

Having a day off. It is raining today so having a long breakfast. Sitting outside today, which is quite refreshing. Not as humid as the other days. Hope the rain stops soon, though.

Breakfast by the pool

Started with a trip to the Norwegian Seamen mission. As usually we used Uber to get over to the place.  Lost in uber… the driver had the address and used a GPS. Still he was not able to use it. Driving was interesting but not safe. Change lanes without checking… he was not able to find the addres so we stopped him and walked the last part.  He drove past the address several times without even noticing.

His average score was 3.5. That is way too good! Hope my score sent him back to school…

Old memories from Norway

Visited Sim Lim tower, but did not buy anything. Walking back to the hotel we passed a camera hospital.

Camera Hospital. He had loads of cameras,but would not sell any…

Went on a boat trip down the river in the afternoon.

Boat on roofs
Live lobster

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