Trail ridge road

Chilly morning. Might wave to put on some warmer clothes. 

 If you are planning to make the drive, make sure to bring warm clothing no matter what the temperature is at lower elevations. It has snowed on Trail Ridge Road during every month of the year. The road closes at the higher elevations from mid October until Memorial weekend.

 Late start as we are waiting for the shops in Boulder to open at 10.  Need a pair of shoes and some warm clothes.  

Also should get some bait to lure the Bears, wolves,… To pose for pictures. 

Started with some shopping in Boulder. Needed some hiking shoes, a jacket and a monopod. Spent an hour all in all. Didn’t get a monopod. Not impressed with the service.  

Cheap gas in Boulder

It was very cold on the mountain tops. Glad I bought a jacket… Max elevation we drove over was 12,183 ft (3,713 m). 

Nice and warm day when we returned to Denver. Relaxing a bit.  

Warmer today. 🙂 

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