Salt Lake City

Early start. Another day with lots of driving. Starting out in Logan. Going to SLC and ending up in Beaver, where we are staying a few nights. A cool morning today. 

Starting The day on The road. Driving to SLC.  Ended up at Capitol where there was a visitor center. 

State Capitol in Utah.  

After a short stop, we drove to temple square and walked around a bit. Talked briefly to a Utah family that needed to have their picture taken. Lots of weddings at the temple today….

A brief stop at a rest area

Continued on to Beaver, UT, where we will stay for a few nights. Making a rough plan for the park visits.

 #1 restaurant in beaver.  
Cattles moving slowly…
Just missed our grill…. 🙂

Taking a quick afternoon trip up to 10000 feets.  

Lumber truck
10.000 ft summit
Be bear aware

Not too happy with the t-mobile 4g router the last few days.. It has been terribly slow, even though the 4G coverage has been good. Checked the statistics on the router today. Ooops, we have used almost 9GB the last 7 days… What?? I didn’t expect to use that much in a month… So the data capacity was throttled…. Added a new plan, which made the download fast again… 🙂

In the news


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