Day 1

Lazy start. Time to wash some clothes before leaving. Left for Stavanger to pick up my camera from cleaning.  

Weather is not too bad

A tad hungry so it’s time to get some food. 

Time for breakfast. Grilled chicken & bacon sandwich. Apple&Ginger juice. Chai tea….lots of it…

So, what do I need to bring on the trip?

  • Goodies, check.
  • Camera & lenses, need to make a selection. 
  • Clothes. Old rags packed.  
  • Gadgets. Almost ready.  remember to charge. 
  • Cabin luggage. Hmm. What do I really need
  • Sandals, no socks!! 

Hmm. Cake or not for breakfast? All these choices… Let’s call it brunch…. Time to celebrate vacation, anyway.  

Cheesecake with raspberry jam

First destination looks ready… 😀 

In the news

Robotic lawn mower scalping hedgehog in Sweden 

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