Vacation — Part #2

Finally some more vacation.  Driving to the airport this morning with just enough time. Of course there had to be a major de-tour. Oh, well I made it in time.  Was a bit stressed since I was not able to check-in the entire trip. Will have to check somewhere in transit.  

Waiting for flight 1/3. 

Raining and chilly today
Won’t miss the rain
Morning has broken

Leg #1 is done.  

Checking with SAS transit service why I can’t check in all the way. Have to do it in Munich. Strange!  Boarding starting for leg #2. 

Wating for take off 

Leg #2 done. Sightseeing by bus on the airport.  

Now back to the boarding card. Final try to check in… Had to see a desk. Slow line waiting for my turn 25 mins. Juhu. Finally they made it. 

No problems through security, so now I have to wait for boarding.

Another bus drive. Hopefully we get some food on the next flight. Starting to get hungry…. 

Finally in my seat. Last leg is starting soon. I am ready for some food now. Let’s get started!!!

Hmm. Everybody seems to have excess hand luggage. This is going to take a while.  

Finally got some food. 🙂 for some unknown reason I forgot to take pictures of it. 

Take off
Somewhere along the route

Approaching final destination  

Finally I am here. Leg #3 is done. Just need to get to the hotel. 

View from my small room 

Relaxing a bit before figuring out where to get a SIM card and something to drink. 

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