going north

After breakfast we took the T to downtown Boston to pick up the rental car. Drove on the Interstate till we realized we only had breakfast today. Stopped at Joe’s for a bagel
Had a brief stop at the visitors centers in NH and ME. 

Stopped in South Portland for the night. Tried to find an Outback Steakhouse. Unfortunately they closed down last year.  Replaced by El Rodeo. Still looked like outback inside….

Etter frokost tok me banen ned til sentrum for å hente bilen. 

Vi kjørte nordover til vi fant ut at vi trengte litt mere mat. Stoppa på Joe’s og spiste en bagel. 

Stoppa såvidt innom turistinformasjonen i New Hampshire og Maine. 

Vi fant et hotell for natta i Sør Portland. Spiste litt meksikansk mat til kvelds. Leiebilen er en GMC Terrain. 

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