Day 2

Started with breakfast. Have never been offered ‘Gammel Dansk’ (Old Danish liquor’) for breakfast before… It is a moist day, so we are not quite sure we are heading today. Started towards Lønnstrup, where there is supposed to be an old church. From the church we could se an old light house, which is disappearing in the sand.

We headed towards the light house.

Quite a rough experience! We fought our way through a sand storm, without food or drink. As an extra bonus, we now have sand everywhere…. Eventually we got something to drink so we could get the sand out of the mouth.

Continuing towards Thisted, where we had a lunch at the pier. Had a chicken burger with corn bread. After lunch we continued on road 11 and 18. We found a Scandic hotel in Herning for the night. Relaxing a bit before checking out the town. Dinner at 20.

Seem to have missed a handball game today. Glad they won.

Vi fortsatte mot Thisted der vi hadde lunsj på kaia. Hadde kyllingburger med maisbrød.
Etter lunsj fortsatte vi på vei 11 og 18 og endte opp på Scandic i Herning. Nå er det litt avslapping før vi ser an byen. Middagen er kl 20:00.


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