Day one – walking about

A bit colder than I expected. Can’t use the shorts. Also a bit annoying that I have a cold..

Breakfast with B at a café. Egg and bacon. Orange juice, tea and water. Nice.

Been to the FC B supporter shop to buy an away shirt for a friend. Dropped into a Ferrari store compare it to the Maranello shop. Ok. But the stuff is quite expensive…

Found a foto shop with lots of nice equipment. Did not buy anything. Don’t think it is much cheaper than at home.

Checked out Fnac. They had some nice things, but too heavy to haul around.

Ah, time to relax with a sorbet and tea at Farggi.

Walked down La Rambla till I met Mr Columbus on a pole…. Then realized I had missed Arpi. Later I found two of them. The first was full of old mid-sized cameras and 35mm. Only visited one floor. Only passed by the second one as I had urgent business. While looking around I found a plaza which was nice.

After a while I found a Starbucks, which saved my day. Think it is a bit early for Christmas music…. Anyway had a small lunch. Strange but I don’t find a wireless network here…  Foccaccia Pollo & Mozzarella + Chai tee.

‘ Siguem feliços. El Nadal ja és aqui.’

Hmm, someone measuring the restaurant. 5 persons… Must be from the city…. Maybe one of them are from Starbucks…. Two of six must be Starbucks… Seems like it will be upgraded…

Anyway found a wireless.. 🙂

Walked over to the catedral before heading back to the appartment. Passed by the arch of triumph.

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