Day off

Floated in the salt sea yesterday. Was a bit cold… Maybe because I jumped into a hot mineral bath first. Nice private beach with few people.
Today is another day off since it is Simchat Torah most stores are closed(?). Opening up at six, so we Get to do some shopping.

Late breakfast and then a group meeting. driver and guide left us yesterday so we are on our own now.

Slow city today. No stores open around here. Have nothing I plan to buy from the arabs. After a stroll in the area, I have been relaxing at the hotel.

Plan to go out after sunset to see If the shops are open.

Lunch at the hotel. Packing the suitcase. Still plenty of space… 🙂

Relaxing before dinner, then go for a walk and see if the stores are open.

A bit chilly in Jerusalem currently. Brr don’t look forward getting home to the cold&wet weather….

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