Jerusalem march

Today is the day of the march and the day Gilead Shalit is to be freed. Hopefully everything turns out peacefully.
Relaxing day today. Late breakfast. Walked over to Ben Yehuda/yafo st area relaxing in the shade.

Early lunch. Just wanted a small sandwich… Turns out the burgers are smaller than the sandwiches here…

Walked slowly up to gala march are. Waited an hour for the march to start. Were able to join one of the norwegian groups and marched to our hotel. Watched The rest of the march from here.

Very emotial walking in The steeets. Friendly people everywhere. Recommend you all to come for The march. Note to self: bring lots of flags and candy next time.

Walked over to the PM’s residence to look at the Shalit tent. Lots of people were gathered watching news on a large screen.

Time to relax a bit before dinner. Hard day tomorrow.

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