Vacation: Day 3

In case you missed Day 1, you can read it here.

If you missed Day 2, you can read it here.

As soon as we knew we were making the trip to the U.P., I immediately registered for a tour of Michigan Technological University in Houghton. Donny has been very interested in going to college there and this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the school.

The tour started at 9 AM and ended shortly after 2 PM. It was a LONG day with a lot of walking with a kid who was only on day 2 of his antibiotics for a skin infection, so you can imagine how that played out.

I will start by saying Mighican Tech really has their act together. After we checked in, they sent someone with a folder full of information to personally talk with you. And they did this for each family, one at a time. It was a very personal touch. The presentation was full of good information about the school, their programs, their students, and life on campus.

I won’t bore you with the details of the tour, but we met some nice families on the tour with us and our student tour guides were very knowledgeable.

After the tour, we were exhausted. Despite being worn out, we still wanted to stop in Calumet to visit the Copper Country Firefighters Museum.

Approaching the building, there is this:

It obviously got my attention (since I took a photograph of it) and I commented to Donald that you don’t see THAT everyday.

He joked that he wondered if the younger generation even knew what a fallout shelter was.

Anyway, the museum was pretty interesting – check out these mediocore cell phone photos of incredibly interesting old fire trucks! (I totally should have used my real camera).

A fire sled. Just imagine!

And check out Bobby posing for the camera[phone]. What a cutie.

I don’t know if this piece of history is very well known, but I knew about it and was surprised to find that part of this museum includes a display/exhibit from the Italian Hall tragedy/building. I knew ABOUT the disaster, but I didn’t realize it happened in Calumet!

I love history…so exhibits like this really intrigue me. And [BONUS!], it was a learning opportunity for the kids!

Actual doors from the Italian Hall.

On the way back to Copper Harbor (to relax for the rest of the day), we stopped at this snow meter (is that what it would be called?).

It’s a wonderful reminder of the amounts of snow they get in this area. We’ll definitely have to make a trip during Winter.

The rest of our day was spent relaxing (i.e. having a glass of wine in a plastic hotel cup) watching the kids play and fish in the lake and enjoying the view from the back porch of our cottage.

Can’t beat it.

Coming next: Day 4, a local arts and crafts fair in Eagle Harbor, Monks and their bakery, a breathtaking church in Lake Linden, and more mention of Florida.

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