Vacation: Day 2

If you missed Day 1, you can read it here.

When we arrived in Marquette the day before, we only drove through town, checked into the hotel, and ran to the grocery store to get some things to eat in the room. It was nice to relax for a bit, because THIS day was going to start early.

Back in March, when I knew we were making this trip and securing our lodging, I was also researching what the area had to offer. And I knew Marquette had a church I wanted to visit: St. Peter Cathedral, the mother church of the Diocese of Marquette. I had emailed the priest there asking about taking photographs and he was very welcoming! He shared with me the hours it’s open for photographs as well as the times for daily mass.

So, the first thing on our agenda for Thursday (Day 2) was to start our day with 8 am Mass and then stick around to take some photographs of the interior of the cathedral.

If you know anything about my life, you know that I make plans and then everything goes down the toilet. This day was no exception.

We made it to Mass at 8 am. In fact, we made it early. All I could think to myself was, “Wow! We’ve got it together!” And while waiting for Mass to start, several nuns arrived and took places at various pews. This was the first time I’d ever attend Mass with real nuns. Wearing real habits!

About 10 minutes after everything began, things escalated. You see, Bobby had a procedure last month and he was on the tail end of healing. Or so we thought. Donald and I had to take turns walking him out because he couldn’t handle sitting in the pew due to extreme discomfort. Needless to say, immediately after Mass we had the exciting pleasure of visiting an urgent care in Marquette. And Bobby was their first patient of the day because we were waiting in the parking lot until they unlocked their doors to open. Yay! [So much sarcasm in that.] Because it just wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t visit an urgent care. <sigh>

Bobby got antibiotics for his infection and we headed to a pharmacy to get the prescription filled. We went to Meijer.

I’ve never been to a Meijer. This was my first time. And I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived in a town without any real shopping, without a real mall, or really without much of anything normal towns have, or if it’s because Meijer stores are simply THAT amazing…but I walked in and my jaw dropped to the floor.

I was in awe. I was like a squirrel in a field of nuts, unsure of where to look, where to start, and where to go. This store has everything. If you’ve never been to one, my description of a Meijer store is this: it’s a clothing store (think department store with name brands), a shoe store (again, with name brands), a sporting goods store, a pet store, a grocery store, a home goods store, a pharmacy, and whatever else you can think of all rolled into one. ONE giant store with everything you could ever need or want.

I want a Meijer.

We then went BACK to St. Peter Cathedral so I could take photographs. The beauty, the history – how I would love to attend a church like this on a regular basis.

That’s my family sitting in the back, patiently waiting on me to finish admiring this church.

We had lunch and I ordered tea. And the waitress, like the one the day before, only asked if I wanted hot tea or iced tea. And there was no mention of sweet tea at all. It was fabulous. I was with my people. (If the kind of tea you drink defines your people, that is.)

I feel like I need to mention something about myself before this next photograph. You see, I’m entranced by all things that remind me of towns and a lifestyle like Andy Griffith or the 1950s, really. I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong era.

The moment I fell in love with Southport, NC, when we were there earlier this year, was when I saw the firemen pull their truck up to the corner of a sidewalk and water the potted plants in front of a building. That just gave me all the warm and cozy feelings and it was instant love.

Well, check out the police cars in this area – notice anything kind of vintage?

Instant love! Goodness, it’s like I stepped back in time without losing the things I love about being in this time.

We drove around Marquette for a bit – the town is pretty with a gorgeous historic downtown, a waterfront park with new condos right near the water and luxury apartment rentals under construction. It’s quite something!

Then, we hit the road again to reach Copper Harbor, where we were staying the rest of our trip. On the way to Copper Harbor, we passed through Houghton (home of Michigan Technological University).

And then we drove through Calumet.

When we finally made it to Copper Harbor, I realized just how special this little spot was. It’s a coastal town with a lighthouse AND a mountain. It’s quaint, relaxed, friendly, and scenic. It sits at the very tip of the Keweenaw peninsula and has only a handful of full-time residents – because the Winters there make it pretty tough.

We stayed at Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground in one of the two-bedroom cottages. Now, remember, I came there for a job…and my clients were staying at the same place! I could easily just walk on over to say hi and introduce myself (which I did the next day).

Side note: I will definitely stay there again.

This was the view from our back porch (the porch we spent many afternoons and evenings sitting on, just enjoying this view).

Peaceful doesn’t even being to describe the feeling I had sitting on that porch with this view.

Oh, and imagine my delight in finding a Catholic church on the grounds (the log cabin building behind the statue of Mary).

Just in case you wanted to know how far it was to Miami, FL from Copper Harbor, MI, there’s a sign to tell you!

We decided to drive up Brockway Mountain (where my job was going to be that weekend). I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to be in awe (because I live in the mountains) but I WAS in awe. And then I found out later (on the wedding day) that I didn’t even see the best part – the actual top of Brockway Mountain.

We stopped by the town’s General Store. It’s the ONLY store. And it’s the place you go to if you need groceries, non-food items, utensils (like grilling utensils, for instance, that we forgot to pack), a bottle of wine, ice cream. You know, a General Store. It was the first and last time we stopped by there for food items, though. While convenient, you certainly pay for the convenience. The next day, we went to a regular grocery store in Houghton and brought food back.

However, the General Store worked for what we needed that night – and we were able to grill our dinner in the area behind our cottage. And our evening ended in the most relaxing way I could ever imagine.

Bobby and Abby played in the area between our cottage and the lake.

Donny and Donald went fishing.

And me? I did this:

Best. Night. Ever.

Coming next: Day 3, Houghton, MI, our tour of Michigan Technological University, a fire station museum and Italian Hall exhibit, the Keweenaw snow meter, and more!

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